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Here's a rather extensive listing of questions to ask yourself when brainstorming your next vacation.  The more answers you have, the better we can match you up with the perfect getaway:

  • How long do I have for my trip, and how much of that do I want to spend on getting there and back?
  • Do I have a valid passport for international travel? (some countries require 3-6 months validity post-trip)
  • Do I want to be active or just sit and relax?
  • Do I prefer to visit cultural attractions or take part in physical activities? 
  • Am I comfortable with different currencies?
  • Am I comfortable where English isn't prevalent?
  • Do we like to be in a group or by ourselves?
  • Do I need a facility that caters to children?
  • Do I want to stay at a facility with organized activities or do I prefer to make my own schedule?

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