Here at ABC World Vacations, we work together to find you the best vacation experience we can. Here you can get to know a little more about all of our consultants!


Grace has been traveling with her children and husband, Dean, for 30 years.  Together they visited 56 countries and 50 states, simultaneously keeping the kids interested and engaged during their travels. In 2008, Grace founded ABC World Vacations in order to share her travel expertise with others and inspire explorers across all generations.


This past year she has expanded her knowledge by visiting her 100th country and adding a few more to the list as well! Each trip has been a learning experience, and all of that accumulated knowledge will be put to work in planning your trip.

Her travel motto:

"If it's not a good time, it'll be a good story."

After 15 years as a corporate information specialist, Beth decided to merge her two areas of interest, research and travel, into a new career as a travel consultant.  She has traveled extensively with her husband and two children throughout the US, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, and enjoys helping her clients design their own family vacations.


Whether it’s hunting down an elusive Disney dining reservation or designing a complex itinerary through Italy for a multi-generational family, no aspect of trip planning is too small or too large for Beth to tackle!

 Her dream destination:

The Galapagos Islands


Ronna feels traveling puts things into perspective and allows her to realize that there are far bigger things than her problems. Travel allows Ronna to see how other people live and what they deal with on a daily basis. She finds helping clients create their own unique travel experience interesting and fulfilling.


Over the years Ronna and her family have traveled across the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

Her favorite trip:                African Safari


Eric has traveled in all 50 states and 27 countries so far. He enjoys cruising and recently discovered how great train travel is in Europe. Let him share his love for travel with you by helping you plan your next vacation.


Favorite travel quote:

“Move. As far as you can. As much as you can. Across the ocean or simply across the river. The extent to which you can walk in somebody else's shoes or at least eat their food... it's a plus for everybody. Open your mind. Get up off the couch. Move."

-Anthony Bourdain


My love of travel began when I was a little girl going to Disney World for the first time. The excitement and enthusiasm of experiencing the unknown stuck with me for life. I am a wife, mom of two and a travel junkie!


I love to recommend based on experience. My expertise lies in family, Disney and adult-only all-inclusive travel. I strive to inspire everyone with the true excitement of traveling and experiencing new things. I look forward to helping you find great deals while experiencing quality, luxury vacations. 


Her motto:

"Work, save, travel, repeat" 

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